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How to apply makeup, after a makeup artist

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From makeup to lipstick that lasts all day, we have step by step beauty tips to help you get the most out of your makeup.

It seems that every day a new beauty or care product is on the market. But while you would like to try them all, where do you stand in your current therapy? When you receive a new serum, replaces your current moisturizer? Should you use Concealer and Foundation? “There are so many products that it can be overwhelming,” says Benjamin Ruiz, global makeup artist for Laura Mercier. But the right use of the right products can help you find your absolute best product. So we gave Ruiz his method step by step to bring out the madness of makeup.


Ideally, you should choose a moisturizer with SPF so that you do not need to use your sunscreen daily after hydrating. A separate eye cream is also useful because it has been specially designed for sensitive eyes. Apply it before applying a moisturizer on your face.
Put it well: Do not dip your dirty finger in your cream. For hygiene reasons, use a clean cotton swab to rinse off a quantity of nickel. Warm it in your hands and squeeze it into your face. Then massage for 30 seconds. Do not forget your neck and the end of your earlobes (the earrings will make them dry!).

A primer makes you really a makeup success. “It creates a beautiful canvas and gives your foundation a longevity,” explains Ruiz. “Even if you do not use Foundation, your skin will be softer and help the concealer stay there.” Do you think you already have too much on your face? Opt for an alphabet cream (BB or CC, for example), as the first EA cream, Estée Lauder Enlighten Skintone Corrector Effect SPF 30 ($ 40,, rather than a primer and a foundation.
Put it on the right: warm a dime and massage it in the face. Cover the whole face with it and bring it back to relieve the appearance of the skin.

If you want a lighter coverage, try a tinted moisturizer instead of full coverage. “Every woman should have two fundamentals in her arsenal of beauty: she every day a foundation, and something a little harder for special events to maximize” photo opportunities, “says Ruiz. at your neckline or jawline so that you do not end up with a lighter head and a darker body or vice versa.
Do it well: do not dot dot dot and start dimming, says Ruiz, because “until you reach the last point, it’s a little dry and difficult to mix.” Instead, inject something on your hand, heat it up and mix it with your fingers or a sponge. Then, with the dry side of the sponge, polish it on your face. (See how it works in this video on How to apply the foundation for flawless skin, even.)

Some women jump the foundation and go directly to the concealer. Other women do not care about concealer when using foundations. No matter what you used, concealer covers broken capillaries, dark circles, and imperfections. Professional advice: You do not have to cover the entire area of your eyes, explains Ruiz. “Maybe you just have darkness in the inner eye, so aim for your concealer instead of distributing it,” he says. “Less is more and more”.
Put it to the right: Get two shades of concealer – a lighter and a darker one – and mix it with a brush on the back of your hand for a custom camouflage color. First, test the shadow on your chin. When you’re happy with the tone of the color, gently apply some concealer to where you need it, then push it in with your finger. Continue until the area is covered.

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